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Individual diving experiences in Sharm el Sheikh 

 and surroundings (Red Sea - Egypt)

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Join us for a fun dive, boat trip, dive courses (individual or group),  
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In  Dolphin Dive Academy, you will find something different...

Not just a diving school, not just a diving center, but another way of diving!
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we will adapt to each personnality and care about your interests & feelings  ! 

You will find a friendly team passionated by diving 
and who will be happy to share a great time with you in all safety way!

Sharm El Sheikh & Red Sea...Best dive destination of the world!

Located in the South of  Sinai peninsula, the area was occupied from 1967 to 1982 by the Israelis, who began building the town as a tourist destination.
Its development as such continued after being returned to Egypt.

Sharm El Sheikh extends for 30 kms along the Red Sea
and is often called "The Pearl of the Red Sea".

It is one of the best dive destinations in the world, also famous
closest destination to Europe for its sunshine and warm water all around year.
It offers great local diving as wrecks, walls and coral reefs, and cristalline water!

Today Sharm is offering luxurious accommodations and have made it an attractive location for a number of international peace conferences,
gaining Sharm el-Sheikh special recognition from UNESCO as a city of peace.

With all that the city has to offer, Sharm becomes the star of Sinai 
and the melting point of many civilizations. 

The word Sharm means the bay. 
When the word Sheikh refers most probably to one of 
the old leaders of the Bedouin tribes who still reside in and around 
the city of Sharm El Sheikh, a word which can be translated into 
“the Bay of old man” or “the bay of the tribe leader”