Every beginning is hard! It was not always easy for us. But we would not change the world at any price. 
Our experiences have made us and what we are today and we have learned from our mistakes. 

Our story & philosophy

Everbody starts small like us from a common vision. 
We try to make something big together step by step and we are proud of that.

There is only one truth in life: if you believe in what you do, you can achieve great things!
Today , our wish is to help you achieving your goals...and if one of them is learning how to dive in a fun but safe way, then you are at the good place and let's go diving together!

From where it all began...

We are more than just a bunch of experts: smart minds work together as Friends.
Together we put a lot of joy and passion into our offer and vision,
that's what sets ups appart.
Angela & Matthias Block are initators and co-founders 
of the project Dolphin Dive Academy.

 Dolphin Dive Academy ...

My name is Ahmed Shaban nicknamed Dolphin,
I am 32 years old and I am PADI qualified & insured instructor of Dolphin Dive Academy. 

  • In 2000, I came for the 1st time to Sharm el Sheikh for holidays with my brother Reda Shaban. At this time, I was lucky cause he was dive instructor in the « Red Sea Diving College » diving center. My 2nd brother Zidane & my cousin Nasser, were working in « Camel Diving Centre ». Every week I was spent 3 days on boat and 3 days at the beach of the diving centres with them.
  • In the same year, I did my Junior Open Water with my brother Reda. I started diving and learning a lot about diving & sea life. I became exciting and I was thinking to spend my life underwater with fishes and beautiful corals of the Red Sea.
  • In 2002, I started working in « Blue 100 Diving center ». I obtained my Open Water Certificate with my brother.  I stayed about two years there to do my  Advanced Open Water, it was also a great opportunity to practice diving in different sites with my brother’s friends and to get training about dive equipement & staff in order to know how to use and fix it.
  • In 2004, I moved with my brother to family diving center « Millenium divers » until I finished my Dive Master training. I discovered and learned a lot about all the different local dive sites of Sharm El Sheikh & the Red Sea like the straits of Tiran and Ras Mohamed. During this period I also learned managing different levels of divers and therefore worked as underwater.
  • In 2005,  I decided to extend my knowledge and work as underwater video maker for one year and half. And from this, I got more experience with different dive instructors. Also I took pictures from every piece of every dive site.
  • In 2006, I started working as permanent diver freelance with « Divers International » in Sofitel.
  • In 2007, I decided to experience working as dive guide on safari boats named « Tiger Lili »,  every week I was dived with different dive groups  rounded  from the North to the South of the Red Sea. 
  • In 2008, I was back to Sharm land and obtained my Dive Instructor level.
  • In 2009, I started working at « Easy Diver » diving center, in the second family business for 2 years.
  • In 2011, I started taking off and decided to work as freelance diver instructor for two more years in different diving centers. I began to have about 200 repeat divers per year, who were coming back to sharm, either for fun dives and or to pass different levels...
  • In 2013,  I spent 3 years working at « Blue ocean diving club » in Lido hotel.
  • In 2016 , I started  developing my own data contacts and think about having my own diving business.
  • In 2017, life has put on my way a nice couple of German divers, Angela & Matthias Block. We got to know each other and became good friends. Same passion brings people together. They passed with me the different diving levels and got more experience. Today they are like Manta Ray & Turtle underwater (you can read them from our Divers stories' page).

One day, we were speaking together and they asked me why I always say DDA and what does it means  ?
My answer was Dolphin Dive Academy and it is from where it all began...

Today our team will be happy to share our experience of the Red Sea with you, all divers of the world, so come on divers brothers (Yallabeena in Arabic:-), join us and.... Just breath with Dolphin Dive Academy !