Every diver who joins Dolphin Dive Academy 

has a story to tell and to share with you ...

Hi everybody! In 2000, I was diving for the 1st time in Sharm el Sheikh in the Red Sea. It was such a great experience and then I decided to do Open Water Certificate in France 2 years later. After this, because of some health troubles I stopped diving for 15 years and was just enjoying my time by snorkelling still in the Red Sea. Until I met Ahmed who bring me back underwater slowly, dive after dive, metre after metre, a little more deeper! His way of learning is very good and make you feel very safe underwater. I was still anxious when I begin to dive again, and I am happy to say today that now after about 35 dives, I progress and feel really much better with his help of giving me more confidence of myself.
Aurélie P., from France 26.08.19

Hi all, my name is Matthias and I am from Germany. In 2017 I did my first trip to Egypt. Just because of the good weather in November and without any idea what to do there.
Luckily I met Ahmed „Dolphin“. We talk about diving  and to do the Open Water Diver license.
Because i dont know anything about diving and I´m not sure if I like it, he offered me to do one introduction dive with the first skills of the PADI OWD. If I like it, we keep going on and if not we stop it and I only have to pay the dive. Because of the kind and calm way of Dolphin I made the decision to try it. What could I say…the fist breath under the surface impressed me so much…I love to be under the sea. It is the best thing to do. Be a part of the underwater world and see all the beauty of the Red Sea. Corals, little and big fishes in million of colors, Turtles and Stingrays, Seahorses and Nudiranches. It is amazing to dive in a new and complete different world.
Now I did about 80 dives, mostly with Dolphin but also some with other Instructors to see the different between and also get some feedback from them.
Every dive with Dolphin is a big pleasure for me. He got the passion for diving. He always try to find some new challenges for me to become an advanced and self confident diver. I am so thanksfull for the training with Dolphin and like to share my experience. I wish many divers will have it too. Please be a part of the Dolphin Dive Academy and see the beauty of the Red Sea around the Siniai peninsula in this special and individual kind. Matthias, Hamburg 31.08.2019

Hi all, I am Angela from Germany.
On my first time in Sharm el sheikh I was very curious about scuba diving. I met Ahmed and together I did my first dive. I was totally impressed from the wonderful underwater world. In this moment I wanted to become a certified Open Water Diver. I started the course with Ahmed and sometimes the skills were very hard for me. After each day I wanted to give it up. But Ahmed realized that the most iomportant that I love to dive and have long debriefing every evening. With his calm and sensitive kind he always gave me back courage and motivation for carrying on. On the end of the course, I did all skills and I've got the PADI OWD Brevet. In 2018 I did the AOWD, I have done 51 wonderfull  dives with Ahmed. Everytime he got a new challenge for me and he give me all the time all that I need to handle it. In August 2019, I did my first night dive. After all I was felt like a strong diver and this happened because Ahmed supports me so much. Thank you Ahmed, I will come back soon.
Angela B, 31.08.2019

Hi, my name is Christine and i love to dive in the Red Sea. My boyfriend and i wanted to do the open water in 2017. Sadly i did not get any further then the first try dive in the pool after watching the video from open water. I was very scared and in panic and the instructor did not acknowledge that i was having difficulties and did not have any patience for or with me. So I immediately stopped my course cause i did not feel save. My boyfriend did his course and could not stop tellling me how beautiful the underwaterlife is and how much fun he had when he was diving while I was just laying in the sun. So the next holiday I wanted to try again. It tooks the diveclub manager a lot of patience and time to find me a good instructor. He introduced a couple of instructors and set up an fundive for me with them. This did not go well. So I did not do the course, again. Until my boyfriend said that he had dived with the most relaxing and nice instructor he had ever met and that I should try with him. This instructor was Dolphin. I still wanted to dive but I did not feel like I could trust anyone at this point but on the other side I did not had anything to lose so I met up with Dolphin. While he was just talking and explaining some things, he was just so calm and relaxing and he was really involved with how I felt and if I was comfortable. He teached me step by step, at my own pace. If I didn’t want to do something, he would broke it down in little steps. I was diving at 12m and I did not even realise it. He is just making jokes under the water and making you forget all of your troubles. All the skills were thought to me in a relaxing way, if he noticed that I was having a little bit of problems with one skill, he would have cancelled and do skills that I already could do, enjoy a little dive and then try again. After every dive we would evaluate what was good, what I could do when I feel a certain way. I did my open water certification with Dolphin and I was so happy and grateful for this instructor. Our next holiday, of course we met up with Dolphin! He took us to some places, omg the beauty of the red sea is truly amazing! I have tried 4 dives with each time another instructor after Dolphin, this resulted in a panic dive, stressfull dives and a lot of problems to the lenght that I was thinking about not diving again. Also it was Dolphin who confinced me to try again with him. I just need him somewhere in the water with me and then my dives are perfect! Our last holiday we took some time to get my boyuency right, now I can say that i am a proud diver with self-esteem, I did Avanced, EFR and Nitrox and I love it! If you are having some anxiety, stress or just scared for drowning, troubles with skills or breathing or you just want to enjoy a nice dive in the most beautiful hotspots of Sharm, Dolphin is your guy! I can tell you with my hand on my heart, Dolphin is the only instructor/private guide that I will dive with!
Christine G., from Belgium-26.08.19

My name is Kenny and I am from Belgium. I always been a big fan of the water, but my first scuba dive in the red sea changed my life completely. It was like love at first sight. So I did my Open Water & Advanced Open Water Course right away.
In the beginning I’ve only been diving at the reef of our hotel for 2 years in a row. I actually thought it wouldn’t get any better than this until I met Ahmed/Dolphin from Dolphin Dive Academy. He opened my eyes by showing me many other dive sites in Sharm El Sheikh. We dived at Tiran Island, Ras Mohamed, Thistlegorm, Dahab and many others.

Diving is not just jumping in the water with equipment and go. No, diving is so much more.
Diving is exploring the underwater world, encounter species you have never seen before.
Diving is traveling the world and dive different sites. Diving is meeting new people every day. Share you stories and learn from each other.
Diving is relaxing. Its like the stress stays at the surface and you feel completely free.
Diving is being part of a community. We all work together to keep the oceans clean and protect the underwater life.

Ahmed has been teaching me many things about the underwater life. Why it is important to protect the coral, fish and keep the oceans clean of thrash & especially plastic.
He really intrigued me over the time and made me love diving, love the ocean just as much. Quickly we found out we are actually much alike in life and share the same dreams. This is were we became best friends.

Summer of 2019 I finished my EFR & Rescue Diver courses. Currently I am doing the Divemaster Training and making myself ready so you can have the best of 2 worlds when you come dive with us at Dolphin Dive Academy. Hope to see you soon. Kenny M. 01.09.2019